Will Lawyer

Once you have written your will, it’s important to make sure that you regularly update it. This is especially the case when you experience significant life changes. There are key reasons to update a will and enlist an attorney for their help. When wills are not created, or aren’t regularly updated, serious problems could arise within your family. If you suspect it’s time to update your will, or create a new one entirely, speak with an attorney as soon as possible for their counsel.

Signs You Need a Will Update

There are specific events that should trigger you to immediately reach out to your attorney to update your will. Most people don’t realize the importance of this, especially because the last thing you plan on is passing away any time soon. Contact an attorney if you have experienced any of the following:

  • You are divorced or remarried
  • You have children
  • You have a significant change in your wealth
  • You are considering disinheriting one of your beneficiaries
  • Your appointed executor, guardian or trustee is no longer available to take on this responsibility
  • You are nearing retirement

Avoid problems from coming up by making the changes you need. When your family is grieving a loss, you won’t want them to also experience trouble with a will. This can leave your family guessing as to how you would like your wishes carried out and you losing your voice in the process.

Contact an Attorney

When you have undergone a significant life change, it may be a good time to update your will. Some situations may actually call for a new will altogether. Although it’s possible for you to update your will using will creation software, you may want to employ a professional. Reasons people use an attorney to update their will include:

  • An attorney can not only write your will, they can put together an entire estate plan for you.
  • An attorney can be a real time saver. You will be responsible for providing them with your information and details surrounding your decisions. An attorney can take the lead in creating your will.
  • Many people have difficulty in seeing past the initial expense of hiring an attorney. However, in all actuality, an attorney can save you money in the long run. They can review your finances to determine the most cost effective way to disperse your assets.
  • A will can be difficult to sort out on your own. Not only can an attorney make sure that your will is in compliance with the laws in your state, they can ensure that nothing is left out.
  • A lawyer can provide advice to you that is not self serving. Consulting with family may not get you a truly unbiased opinion because it’s possible that they may have their own interests at heart.  

There are various benefits to employing an attorney to create your will. With a professional, you can rest assured that your will has been created with someone who is knowledgeable surrounding the laws within your state. They can make sure you have left nothing out when it comes to your final wishes.   

If you find that you have experienced some serious life changes, or, it’s just been awhile since you last updated your will, take action as soon as possible. Don’t risk leaving your loved ones to navigate a will that is confusing or outdated. Contact a wills lawyer O’Fallon, MO residents rely on for assistance in the creation or update of your will.



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