Estate Litigation Lawyer Barrington, IL

estate litigation lawyer Barrington, IL

An estate plan tends to be on the bottom of most people’s priority list when they are thinking of their financial plans, as an estate litigation lawyer that the Barrington, IL community trusts knows well. Many people have the misconception that estate planning does not apply to them, or what benefits it may offer. Documents such as wills and trust are familiar to many people, but they are not the only ways a person can voice how they want their assets and future healthcare plans arranged. Estate planning is an excellent way to address every aspect of your legacy so that your values are respected and that your family and loved ones are provided for. However, sometimes estate litigation can complicate the goals you are trying to achieve with your plan. To learn more about how an experienced lawyer can assist you, schedule a consultation today. 

Estate Litigation Lawyer in Barrington, IL 

The lawyers at Bott & Associates, LTD have decades of experience providing legal services to clients. An estate planning lawyer specializes in assisting clients with their estate planning needs. They can evaluate your circumstances and suggest what essential items should be included in your estate plan. If you have questions or concerns about the value of your estate or if you’re not sure if it’s right for you, a lawyer can address those for you as well. Let them know about your circumstances and they can explain what next steps you can take. 

Estate Plan Benefits

A person can gain many benefits if they structure an estate plan to meet their needs. Estate planning involves creating a set of documents that outlines your wishes regarding how your estate is managed, who has the authority to manage your estate, and the type of medical care you want performed on you if you ever become incapacitated or pass away. As an estate planning lawyer from Barrington, Illinois can explain, approaches to estate planning are different for everyone, and it’s up to each individual to determine what is best for them. An estate plan can consist of a will, trust, medical directive, power of attorney, and other types of legal forms. You can also include the names of specific individuals that you authorize to make decisions on your behalf. 

Resolving Issues Related to Estate Planning

Sometimes complex issues may arise when you are creating an estate plan. Estate planning can go to litigation for a number of reasons. Examples include the death of an individual who does not have a will, the credibility of an estate plan may be in question, or there is a dispute with an executor of an estate plan. These are all things that necessitate legal intervention. A lawyer will be able to provide you with further assistance so that your case can be resolved. 

An estate planning lawyer Barrington, IL families can depend on has seen how families can be divided because of an estate-related issue. You can trust that we understand the gravity of the situation, and that people can act in less than ideal ways when it comes to money.

There aren’t any guarantees that an estate won’t go through litigation, however, there are a few ways that you can help reduce the chances of it happening down the line: 

Speak With Your Heirs

It may sound obvious and simple, but it is important to talk with your heirs about your intentions and how you want your estate to be distributed. If you don’t, it can leave certain relatives feeling left out or angered because they didn’t receive what they had thought they would. Emotions can quickly escalate, particularly during a period of profound grief. If your estate is going to be divided unevenly, or you are leaving a person out for whatever reason, you may want to communicate this with them ahead of time.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking with beneficiaries (or those who were intentionally excluded) then an estate litigation lawyer in Barrington may suggest at least leaving a letter behind in an effort to keep their claim out of court.

Drafting Your Estate Plan With an Attorney

Make sure that your documents within an estate plan are properly written, prepared, and signed with assistance from a lawyer. Your estate litigation lawyer in IL from Botts & Associates, LTD. can review your documents for errors or areas in which you could clarify your wishes better. If there are any gray areas or vague terms in your estate documents, this could leave room for misinterpretations and a court dispute. Additionally, it doesn’t matter whether your estate is modest or substantial, as everyone can benefit from legal guidance as they create an estate plan. 

Update Your Estate Plan Documents

Some people think that once they finish their estate plan, they are done for good. But, as life circumstances change and events transpire over the years, you may need to update your documents as needed. Events such as marriages, divorces, babies being born, a vast increase or decrease in finances, and relationships growing closer or apart are reasons to revisit your estate plan. An Illinois estate litigation lawyer in Barrington usually suggests reviewing these documents every five years or so, or as life events unfold. 

You can rely on a Barrington, IL estate litigation lawyer to provide quality legal services regarding all things estate planning, so please call us today to reserve a free initial consultation!

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