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Probate Lawyer Palatine ILNo one likes to think about death, especially when you have a family that depends on you. However, it’s a fact of life that when you pass, you’ll leave all of your material belongings behind. The good news is that these materials assets can keep providing for your family and your loved ones even when you’re gone.

At Bott & Associates, Ltd., a probate lawyer may help to settle your debts and distribute your assets after your passing so you family doesn’t have to deal with the stress.

What is a probate lawyer?

A probate lawyer helps you manage the process of creating a will and can also help your beneficiaries after you pass. They help the executor of the estate and the beneficiaries (people stated on your will) or the administrators (if there is no will) manage the process after your death. A probate attorney can also help you with drafting of a will, drafting a trust, and creating a power of attorney.

Finding a Probate lawyer

Handling the probate process can seem very straightforward and easy but the reality is the law is always complex. It is made complicated on purpose, and at Bott & Associates, Ltd., we want to help simplify things. We have years of experience handling probate cases. Our job is to make this process as smooth and simple as possible. We have handled all types of probate cases, from simpler cases that have a will to cases without a will.

When There Is a Will

If there is a will, the probate process will be a bit easier. However, creating a will doesn’t allow your beneficiaries to avoid probate court altogether. They will still want to have a probate lawyer in Palatine, IL who can help them get through the process. A probate lawyer can also review your will after you create it to make sure it is valid and that no fraud was committed during the drafting.

A probate lawyer can also help when a will is challenged. This is fairly common in cases where beneficiaries disagree with how the decedent distributed their assets. When a will is challenged, the probate process can drag on for months — and sometimes even years.

Without a Will

In the instance that there is not a will previously drafted, this is called “intestate.” This means that the state claims the decedent’s property and distributes it according to state laws. This usually means that the closest living relatives will receive assets.

Unfortunately, if a will is invalid for any reason, the state may also deal with the will in a similar process. Again, this is something that can make a probate case drag on for a long time.

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It can be very scary to come to terms with your own mortality, but when that time does come, you’ll be glad to know that your last wishes will be carried out as you want. You may also find comfort in knowing that your loved won’t have to deal with excessive legal problems upon your passing.

Let Bott & Associates, Ltd. help provide you with peace of mind that the descendants financial assets are being protected. Call our firm today to schedule a consultation with a probate lawyer Palatine, IL families trust.