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estate planning lawyer Chicago, IL

Drafting your own will increase the likelihood of making costly mistakes. Although the do-it-yourself, at-home alternatives may be enticing, the American Bar Association recommends hiring an Estate Planning Lawyer Chicago IL, or a legal professional that specializes in wills and estate planning. A qualified estate planning lawyer will be able to explain to you their interpretation of the intricacies of laws regarding property, taxes, wills, trusts, and probates. Secondly, at-home will writing kits cannot provide the personalized legal advice, the experience, and experiential knowledge base that will help those writing a will, or estate plan to feel confident about the terms and conditions in the documents.

Trusted estate planning assistance

The guidance of a qualified professional will make the process easier to understand, helping to ensure that assets passing outside of your estate are handled properly, nuances of state law are considered, and other relevant tax and legal factors are resolved. A Chicago, Illinois estate planning lawyer from Bott & Associates, LTD promises to make sure your legacy continues, and your property, assets, and other affairs are handled with care, taking into account nuances of local state, and federal laws as they pertain to your estate. We work to deliver peace of mind.

Proven excellence in estate planning

At Bott & Associates, LTD, our team strives to provide personalized assistance with all of your estate planning related affairs. Our estate planning lawyer has been practicing law for over 20 years, and is one of only a handful of members of the American Academy of Estate Planning lawyers, in the Chicagoland area. The American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys is a national exclusive organization dedicated to promoting excellence in estate planning.

A personalized approach to estate planning 

We will assist with writing a will, or planning an estate, and will be able to explain Illinois law as it pertains to your estate, and provide advice based on our years of experience serving clients with estate planning and probate needs. Prior to creating your estate plan, contact us to schedule a free half-hour consultation. We will evaluate your situation and offer helpful suggestions about next steps and the most viable course of action based on your specific needs. At Bott & Associates we aim to treat every single client as part of our family. 

Prepare for the future 

Our estate planning services are not limited to writing your will. Our team can also help with creation of other estate-related legal documents as well, documents such as living trusts, or coming up with a plan for asset protection plans for your beneficiaries. Our team can also help with health care directives, to be implemented in the event you become incapacitated and are unable to make decisions on your own.

If you are like most people, you have spent most of your lifetime achieving your goals. The advice and direction of our estate planning lawyer will be essential to implementing an estate plan that handles your assets according to your wishes and meets all other estate related objectives. To learn more about how our Chicago, IL Estate Planning Lawyer can assist, Illinois based residents often choose to contact Bott & Associates LTD. We are experienced in helping clients with their estate planning needs. Contact Bott & Associates LTD to request a free consultation today.