Probate Attorney Barrington, IL

Probate Attorney Barrington, IL

If you are looking for Barrington, Illinois probate attorney, look no further than Bott & Associates, Ltd. We know that this process is often very complicated and tends to involve a great amount of sensitive emotions. We can take much of the weight off of your shoulders so you can focus on the grieving process. For an initial consultation with a qualified probate attorney in Barrington, IL, call our firm now. 

Understanding the Role of a Probate Attorney

A probate attorney is often an estate attorney who handles various estate related matters including probate, litigation, planning, and more. A probate attorney in Barrington, IL is available to help the executor manage the probate process, and act as a legal advocate for the drafter of the will. A probate attorney is also very helpful in cases where no will exists or beneficiaries are disputing about what has been said in the terms of a will. 

Finding the Right Probate Attorney

No two probate procedures will be exactly alike. Some are relatively simple and others rife with complications. As a leading probate attorney in Barrington, Illinois, we seek to make this process as simple as possible. For years we have been helping individuals and families probate an estate. Many of our cases have involved large estates, businesses, disputes, estate mismanagement, and a missing will. 

Simplify the Probate Process with an Attorney

Let Bott & Associated, Ltd. make the probate process simpler. We represent:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Out of state relatives or beneficiaries
  • Out of state executors
  • Disabled people who are unable to make it to our office
  • Elders living in residential homes
  • Clients who are disputing a will
  • Probating an estate without a will
  • Contesting a Will

If you are seeking to dispute a will challenge brought forth by another party, or you would like to challenge the will yourself, it is important that you have a probate attorney in Barrington, Illinois. Examples that could warrant a will challenge, or will contest, include:

  • Undue influence
  • Lack of capacity
  • Fraud
  • Forgery
  • Multiple will copies
  • Invalid execution of a will

An attorney might also be required when there are issues regarding the interpretation of a will, the executor, the management of the will, accounting records, and more. 

Can an Attorney Make the Probate Process Go Faster?

The probate process was developed to make the distribution of an estate easier. However, when put into action, this is not always true. There is no formula that can expedite a probate process; however, having a probate attorney in Barrington, IL on your side could reduce the risk of unforeseeable obstacles or errors. 

Feel a Sense of Relief By Choosing to Have  the Help of a Probate Attorney

Death is a difficult subject. However, it is a fact of life; therefore, planning ahead is very important. Whether you are looking for an estate planning lawyer in Barrington, IL  to help you plan your last will and testament or you would like to consider alternative options that don’t involve the probate process, call Bott & Associates, Ltd. We are also ready to guide executors through the probate process or challenge a will on behalf of a party who believes something is not right. Our probate attorneys in Barrington, IL would be happy to discuss your needs and options.