Anne Durin

Financial Services Coordinator

Anne is a seasoned professional with a robust foundation in both the finance and real estate sectors, supported by her Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance obtained in 2007.

With a career inception in financial and business operational roles, Anne has evolved from being an executive assistant into an adept operations manager known for her comprehensive support services. Her role to the banking and finance industry in 2009-2013 marked a significant expansion of her skill set, where she has since flourished and gained a lot of experiences.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Anne has a rich personal life filled with diverse interests. She cherishes the moments spent traveling with her husband, exploring the culinary delights of local restaurants, and indulging in the soulful melodies of rock ballad music. She loves listening to podcasts and enjoys immersing herself in the world of binge-watching at home with their shih tzu mix fur baby named “Fluffy”, a testament to her ability to balance a high-energy professional life with engaging and relaxing personal activities. Anne’s blend of professional acumen and personal passions makes her a well-rounded individual, dedicated to both her career and personal growth.

Bott and Associates has been immensely helpful in preparing our estate plans for our family, even during the current pandemic situation. They provided an extremely safe environment and made sure we felt comfortable during the signing. She came highly recommended when we had to address estate issues after my wife’s parents both passed without wills. The firm was extremely responsive and empathetic, and made the process simple.


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