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As an estate planning lawyer Oak Brook, IL residents trust to represent their interests can tell you, digital technology is changing the nature of what it means to engage in estate planning. Americans are living during a time in history that is increasingly being referred to as “The Digital Age.” Fifty years ago, it would have been difficult to imagine that virtually everyone in the U.S. who had achieved puberty would be spending significant portions of every day with a computer in their lap and another in their pocket. Yet, nowadays, it is hard to imagine navigating a world in which we don’t have access to GPS, the means to communicate with virtually anyone else in the world, and the ability to look up facts at the touch of a screen.

It is precisely because so much of Americans’ daily lives are lived online and via electronic means that it is critical to consider one’s digital footprint when estate planning. Failing to account for one’s online presence can leave significant gaps in one’s estate plan. Thankfully, the dedicated legal team at Bott & Associates, Ltd. can help you prepare for all of your digital estate planning needs.

Estate Planning Lawyer – Oak Brook, IL

“But wait,” you may be thinking, “I can’t map out my digital footprint in an estate plan because it changes all the time.” This is a valid concern. Thankfully, almost all estate planning documents are meant to be “living” in nature. This means that you can update them as often as you need to as your life circumstances and preferences change. Additionally, please know that our Oak Brook, IL estate planning lawyer team understands how to account for the ever-changing nature of digital footprints when constructing a digital estate planning strategy.

Digital Estate Planning Considerations

Think about the number of times each day you log on to an account. Each account is likely password protected. If you were to become incapacitated or to pass away tomorrow, do you have any way of relaying how to gain access to those accounts? Who would you like to have access to them? Who would you like to prohibit from accessing them? What do you want done with the information, assets, and/or intellectual property contained on these accounts? These are the primary subject matters that digital estate planning concerns itself with. By working with an attorney now, you’ll better ensure that your online life—and anything stored on any of your devices—is handled according to your preferences later.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have not yet created an estate plan, the experienced Illinois legal team at Bott & Associates, Ltd. can help you to accomplish this critically important task. Our legal team can also assist you with updating your existing estate plan documentation if you already have some drafted. Either way, know that your proactive efforts now will help to ensure that your wishes are honored later. Our Oak Brook, IL estate planning lawyer team looks forward to assisting you.