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Property Litigation lawyer Barrington, ILAt Bott & Associates, LTD., a Property Litigation lawyer Barrington, IL residents trust has vast experience in all things property related. A property dispute can arise for many reasons, and can involve vacant lots, homes, condos, ponds, driveways, decks, and more. Whether you are dealing with a small or large property dispute, we can help. Disputes can impact the marketability of a property, so it is important that they are resolved as quickly as possible. If you are dealing with a property issue between yourself and another party, then it is time to consult with us today. 

If the property you own that is under dispute has not yet been officially listed as an asset in your will, trust, or other related documents, then call us right now to learn from an estate planning lawyer Barrington, IL property owners rely on about how to get this done promptly. 

Parties Involved in a Property Dispute

Disputes over property can arise between property owners and anyone who has an interest in that real estate. Keep in mind that municipalities and cities can be part of a dispute as well. Cities can own property, and often have offices that provide building permits or regulate property. There may be cases of eminent domain, where the government declares the right to take over use of property for public intentions. While most property disputes include an owner of the property and a neighbor or tenant, these parties may be involved in the disagreement as well: 

  • Landlords
  • Trespassers
  • Family Members
  • Municipalities
  • Homeowner Associations (HOAs)
  • Developers and Builders
  • Government Agencies

Common Types of Property Disputes

When dealing with a property dispute, having a lawyer on your side can make all the difference in the outcome. Here at Bott & Associates, LTD., we have experience in handling these types of complicated disputes and can utilize a range of resolution approaches in an effort to get the results you are hoping for. Some of the most common types of property disputes entail: 

  • Landlord-Tenant: disagreements over who is responsible for repairs or damages caused to the property.
  • Boundaries: issues between neighbors regarding property lines.
  • Zoning: disputes over whether a property is being utilized for the purposes it was zoned for, and whether the property owner needs to apply for a variance.
  • Utility Easements: homeowners may not have been aware of where utility easements were located on the property.
  • Ownership Disputes: disputes over who is the rightful property owner.
  • Homeowner Association Duties: whether HOA or the property owner is responsible for upkeep or maintenance. 

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