Will Planning Lawyer in Schaumburg, IL

will planning lawyer Schaumburg, IL

While drafting your estate plan, you may choose to prepare a will with the help of a will planning lawyer that Schaumburg, Illinois residents rely on.  A will is one of the most common legal documents created as part of an estate plan, as it serves many functions. It is especially important because it informs your family and loved ones about how you want things like your inheritance to be divided among them. With a detailed will, you avoid family disputes from happening and any legal confusion over how you want your assets to be handled. However, making a will involves key steps and information that you may not be familiar with. Fortunately, a lawyer can assist you with the preparations so that your will contains clear instructions, and makes sure you don’t leave anything out of your will. If you would like to learn more about how to properly prepare a will, contact a trusted lawyer like one at Bott & Associates, LTD. 

Will Planning Lawyer in Schaumburg, IL

A will is a legal document that contains information about how your assets are distributed and instructions for how you want your children or other family members to be cared for. If you have a will, you can explain exactly how you want your wealth to be managed and by whom. It is highly recommended that every person create a will, otherwise decisions pertaining to how your assets will be divided will be determined through the court system or by government officials. Having a will decreases the likelihood of family arguments and keeps relatives from speaking on your behalf so they can get a larger share of their inheritance. Here are some reasons why you should create a will:

  • Provide clear instructions regarding who receives your assets
  • Prevent certain individuals from obtaining your assets
  • Explain who will care for your children (guardianship)
  • Donate to your desired charitable causes

A will known as a testamentary will is what many people are most familiar with. When you create your will, one or multiple witnesses should be present to prevent any potential challenges from individuals. An experienced lawyer would be happy to assist you if you need guidance when you are first drafting a will. 

Will vs. Living Will 

As a will lawyer that Schaumburg, Illinois residents depend on knows, there is a key difference between a will and a living will. It is easy to mix up the terms, but they serve very different purposes. A living will provides detailed instructions about your medical care if you ever become incapacitated and are not able to communicate your decisions. You can authorize an individual to speak to your doctor and other medical professionals about what kind of care you should receive, what procedures to have performed on you, and other important decisions. 

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Developing a detailed you is critical if you want your wishes regarding the care of your assets and family to be respected. Reach out to a skilled will planning lawyer in Schaumburg, IL if you need professional guidance to craft a will and they will be glad to help you.