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Monthly Archives: September 29, 2018


I recently met with a mother (“Mary”) and adult daughter (“Susan”), who came in to discuss the situation with Dad (“Bill”). Bill and Mary have been divorced since 2002. Bill was an alcoholic. He was 71. He now has alcohol induced dementia. Bill does not remember much. If you ask him where he live...

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My husband and I had the most amazing honeymoon in 2000. We went on a 10 day cruise in French Polynesia. We flew from Los Angeles to Tahiti, where we were immediately taken to the cruise ship, which at the time was with the Renaissance Cruise Line. The ship had about 750 passengers, and it was ad...

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Reasons to Update Your Will After a Divorce

Will Lawyer

The last thing you may be thinking about following a divorce is the importance of updating your will. Chances are, your will is one that you created with your ex spouse. Because of this, the decisions you made regarding your estate likely encompa...

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Tips for Writing Your Estate Plan to Prevent Trust Litigation

Estate Planning Lawyer

When a person sits down to start writing his or her estate plan, rarely do they imagine that their trust will go through litigation. Despite doing their very best to prevent their trust from being disputed in court, it can happen. Afte...

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