Here we share a few stories of different clients we have helped.  If this sounds like you or someone you know, give us a call today to schedule your complimentary consultation so we can make your situation a success too!

Probate for a Blended Family

Represented second wife of a decedent with no estate plan, and two daughters from a previous marriage.  After a tumultuous battle between the wife and two daughters in probate court for three years, the wife was finally able to gain control of all of the assets (total value: $350K) and distribute them based on the Illinois statutes.

No Probate for a $3M Estate

Successfully implemented an estate plan for an older couple who owned a business worth over $2M.  Because everything was set in place, upon the second death, the children were able to take over the business and the assets within one month, without the cost, the publicity and the hassle of probate.

Represented Spendthrift Beneficiary

Successfully represented a spendthrift beneficiary in his late 50s of his mother’s estate by helping to set up a substantial income stream for the rest of his life, without even touching the principal, which is earmarked for the grandchildren.

Protection for Young Children

Successfully completed an estate plan for a family with two young daughters to assure that the right people will be there to raise the girls in a loving and supportive family.  Also the plan included provisions to protect the family’s hard-earned wealth for all of the girls’ needs in the future.

Protection for a Disabled Brother

Held the hand of a sister desperate to help a disabled brother go through a long and challenging guardianship process.  In the end, relief set in after the Judge rightfully appointed her guardian, instead of her brother’s two estranged children.

Eased Second Marriage Jitters

Successfully provided peace of mind to a nervous bride two weeks before her wedding.  Because her assets were considerably less than her groom, we vigorously negotiated the prenuptial agreement terms so her financial security is protected.

Single Man Dies with Large Estate

Successfully represented the niece of a man with a $6 million estate.  Because he was smart enough to implement a Living Trust plan, all of the beneficiaries received their money within three months.  There was no fighting or problems amongst the ten beneficiaries.

Single Man Dies with Modest Estate

Successfully represented the cousin of a man with a $300K estate.  Because he did not have any documents, a probate estate lasted for three years with several family members fighting over the assets.  Ultimately, since we were unable to locate two cousins, the Court required that $60K be deposited into the Illinois State Treasury.