Our law firm has been helping families plan for both their financial wealth and their treasured wealth for many years. We believe that traditional estate planning has been failing American families. Traditional “bare bones” estate plans have only focused on distributing financial wealth and have done little to secure the future families intend when planning for future generations.

We have seen many families lose financial assets after the first generation through traditional estate planning means. The loss of family legacies and history is even more devastating.

There is a better alternative! Legacy Wealth Planning helps you examine not only your financial and non-financial goals and concerns but it also focuses on the values and legacy you wish to leave behind. With a customized Legacy Wealth Plan, you can minimize the emotional impact on your family, retain valuable assets and ensure that your legacy lives on through those you love and your future generations.

In our estate and legacy planning meetings, we take a deeper look at the real-life issues facing families today…

  • Your surviving spouse re-marries, or has creditor problems, or has an accident and is sued
  • Your children and or grandchildren go through their own divorces, re-marriages, or has lawsuits or creditor problems
  • Disability for either spouse – long nursing home stays can be financially devastating
  • Passing on your personal values and heirlooms
  • How to set up incentives and distributions that will ensure wise choices by family members so your legacy lives beyond your first generation