Probate Attorney Schaumburg Illinois

Probate Attorney Schaumburg IllinoisIf you are the appointed executor of a decedent’s estate or need to develop an estate plan, you will want to consider contacting a probate attorney Schaumburg, Illinois residents recommend. Executors carry an immense amount of responsibility when it comes to resolving another person’s estate. If you were appointed, you are someone that was trusted by the person who has passed to carry out their final wishes in the way they wanted. Probate is feared by many. However, with the help of our probate attorney in Schaumburg, IL, at Bott & Associates, LTD can help you to manage the process with ease. If you are an executor, contact Bott & Associates, LTD, to help make the process as simplified and straightforward as possible. 

Understanding Probate

Probate is the legal process that occurs after a person has passed away. Regardless of whether there is a will or estate plan in place, our Schaumburg, IL probate attorney shares that all estates must pass through probate. When there is no estate plan in place, this process may be complicated, especially because many vital decisions will be left to the courts, including the executor’s appointment. Probate, although feared, plays a critical role. The process ensures that the will in place is valid and ensures that any taxes and debts are paid during the process of resolving the estate. While the process can, at times, be stressful, working with an estate planning lawyer in Schaumburg, IL at Bott & Associates, LTD can assist in helping to endure the process with ease. 

Reasons People Fear Probate

Probate is a court proceeding that is often feared. Many worry that their assets will diminish when they pass through probate. When developing an estate plan, many are looking to avoid the probate process altogether. However, it’s essential to be aware that it’s really not possible to avoid probate entirely. Know that working with a probate attorney in Schaumburg, IL, can help in developing an estate plan and managing the probate process. The following are common reasons people fear probate:

  • It can be a slow-moving process
  • The process can be tedious and complicated
  • Probate is public, meaning, anyone can access details about the estate
  • It can be costly, especially when a will is contested

The idea of probate sends many reeling. Our probate attorney in Schaumburg, IL, can assist you in making sure that any challenges that arise are navigated with ease. Let us help you contact our office so that we can help to mitigate some of the worries you may have. 

Contacting Bott & Associates, LTD

A probate attorney serving Schaumburg, Illinois, can help you to manage the probate process with ease. When someone has passed, our team can take the time to review the estate plan and provide consultation and recommendations for the next steps required to resolve the estate. Be aware that all wills are required to pass through probate regardless of whether there is an estate plan in place. Bott & Associates, LTD will: 

  • Work with you to resolve the estate promptly
  •  Provide patient and compassionate Schaumburg, IL probate attorneys who can help you during what may be an incredibly difficult time
  • Can advise you over how to settle the decedent’s debts
  • Help to prepare necessary documents for probate

We know that many appointed executors may be left with a heavyweight to bear. Carrying out the wishes of someone you love while also grieving can be difficult. Probate can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Contact our probate attorney in Schaumburg, IL, at Bott & Associates, LTD, to get started.