Employment Law Lawyer in Rolling Meadows, ILAs an employment law lawyer in Rolling Meadows, IL from Bott & Associates, LTD. knows all too well, many people will experience a situation where there was unfairness at work. And not only that, but this adverse treatment may actually be against the law, and victims may have a right to pursue restitution for discrimination.

Employers are not allowed to discriminate against workers for characteristics such as religion, color, race, national origin, sex, age, or disability. They also cannot treat workers negatively due to their disability, when the work environment can be easily accommodated. Examples of workplace discrimination incidents often include:

Retaliation Discrimination: mistreatment related to wage/hourly disparity, unpleasant environment, harassment, bullying, lack of promotion.

Disability Discrimination: disabled people may find it more challenging to get jobs and may notice discrimination happening. Employers are frequently not willing to make easy accommodations so these workers can fulfill their duties. As your IL employment law lawyer in Rolling Meadows can explain, federal law protects individuals with disabilities, and is defined by:

  • Disability history (such as cancer in remission)
  • Mental or physical impairment that is not transitory

Racial Discrimination: when a person is not provided the same opportunities, pay, or job roles as others by their employer due to their racial background. Harassment may entail, but is not limited to:

  • Derogatory comments about a person’s color or race
  • Displays of symbols that are racially-offensive
  • Racial slurs

Age Discrimination: age discrimination can be subtle, and may be happening if an employer continues to unjustly complain or reprimand an employee over their production or performance.

Sex Discrimination: a common example of sex discrimination is against LGBTQ people, who are harassed due to their identify or don’t receive the same pay as their coworkers for the same jobs. 

You have the right to take action against incidents of discrimination in the workplace, without fear that you will be fired or demoted. Furthermore, if you were let go after reporting a workplace discrimination event, you may have grounds for a wrongful termination case. 

At our law firm, you and your family are our priority. We understand that not every employer will choose to do the right thing when faced with claims of discriminations. But we are here to protect you, and have your best interest in mind at all times. Call a Rolling Meadows employment law lawyer in IL from Bott & Associates, LTD. today for a consultation.