As your employment law lawyer in Arlington Heights, IL from Bott & Associates, LTD. can talk with you more about, harassment is illegal when it’s based on a person’s age, disability, gender, race, or other protected characteristic. What qualities are protected is decided by federal, state, and local laws. Harassment can be physically and/or mentally damaging to the victim. We understand how sensitive in nature these cases are, and prioritize offering compassionate and strategic legal services.

Offensive Conduct

Harassment can vary in its form, and may include derogatory comments or jokes related to someone’s ethnicity, to unwarranted comments about someone’s age and their ability to perform their job. There are numerous ways that harassment may present itself, and it may require getting a consultation from a legal professional to learn whether you have grounds for legal action.

Unwelcome Conduct

Harassment is against the law if the statement or conduct was unwelcome by the victim. In many instances, this isn’t an issue, as of course derogatory or offensive behavior is not welcomed by the recipient. But, this can be an element of the dispute in sexual harassment lawsuits, where some comments or advances may not necessarily offend the recipient. 

Pervasive or Severe Incidents

Harassment violates a person’s rights if there is a series or pattern of incidents over the course of time. A singular comment or epithet may not constitute harassment, however, many courts have still found that a single incident can be extreme and the victim should be compensated accordingly. 

Conditions or Terms of Employment

There are many ways that harassment can affect the conditions and terms of a person’s employment. If it was a supervisor or other authority figure in the workplace who inflicted the harassment, it may show itself in the form of failing to promote, undesirable reassignment, firing, or other adverse job action. 

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