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Bott and Associates Ltd. are attorneys that are going to be able to help with elder law. For any elder law lawyer in Arlington Heights, IL needs you should reach out to Bott and Associates Ltd. and Associates LTD are estate planning attorneys in Illinois, and they know that more than just young couples and families rely on estate planning. They are aware that estate planning is not something that is just for wealthy people or if you own a home. Estate planning is for everyone.

Bott and Associates LTD is also aware that elder law and Medicaid planning can sometimes require a special touch. In fact Medicaid is a state and federally funded program that is going to help provide the cost of long-term skilled nursing and long-term care to those who qualify. However you may have questions as to if you qualify, and an elder law lawyer in Arlington Heights, IL is going to be able to help you answer those questions.

Maritess T. Bott has been practicing law for over 20 years, she honed her skills and expertise to identify a client’s objectives and help them employ strategies to meet their goals, and in 2007 she started her own law firm. She is considered to be a valued resource to her clients, especially if they’re going through difficult times.

Bott and Associates LTD are prepared to debunk many myths that involve Medicaid and Medicare there are entitlements out there that focus on getting Medicaid and how to do it, but if you follow this misinformation you may not get your life going qualified or you could end up losing your home. However with the life expectancy constantly getting longer, clients. They may outlive their assets, and sometimes when someone is diagnosed with a debilitating illness or disease the family may go in a crisis mode and become stressed out over the cost of care for their family member.

Any good elder law lawyer in Arlington Heights, IL is going to be able to tell you various strategies to help you with taking care of your older family member. Elder law lawyers are going to advocate for the elderly and their loved ones, and as a result they cover a wide range of legal matters with the older generation in mind. In fact an elder law lawyer in Arlington Heights, IL May cover issues such as healthcare, long-term care, planning for long-term care, guardianship, retirement, source., Medicaid or Medicare, and other various matters.

An elder law lawyer in Arlington Heights, IL can help you with important things such as wills, estate planning, planning for a minor adult that has special needs, creating a durable power of attorney helping you with your healthcare planning and much more. To better know what you need, an elderly person in the United States usually needs from an elder law lawyer in Arlington Heights, IL such as the ones available of Bott and Associates LTD.