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Planning for Loved Ones with Dementia

Estate Planning LawyerDementia is a sinister ailment that comes with age. It leaves us bereft o...

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Is A Beneficiary Designation An Estate Plan?

Estate Planning LawyerWhat is a beneficiary designation? It is a form you fill out th...

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Discussing Estate Planning with Your Family

Planning one’s estate is one thing, but discussing it with family members is often something else. It can be awkward, depressing, and sometimes met with hostility by those who do not want to ponder the possibility of losing a loved one. It’s why many people do not plan thei...

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Different Kinds of Trusts

Different Kinds of Trusts
You might have heard about irrevocable and revocable trusts or special needs trust, but did you know there are more than 30 different kinds of trusts? Many of these are complex and applicable to very specific situations. With ...

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How to Protect Your Assets from Medical Bills with a Living Trust

Protecting Assets

Protecting your financial future from medical bills that result from a serious illness or injury can help you prevent bankruptcy and other catastrophic debt. While surgery, physical therapy, and other ...

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What are Alternatives to the Probate Process?

Estate Planning Lawyer

If property goes to probate, then a judge determines how assets are distributed among your beneficiaries. Probate judges are experienced with this, but that doesn’t guarantee that they will make the right choices. Someone who appears t...

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Incorporating Your Small Business into Your Will

Small Business Lawyer Rolling Meadows, IL

As a small business owner, it’s important that you create a plan for the future to ensure that your loved ones are aware of your wishes when the time comes. Although the creation of a will and estate plan is often so...

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What Happens When You Die Without a Will?

Wills and Trusts Law Firm

When you die without a will, it’s called being intestate. Typically, if you don’t have a will, the estate will be adjudicated through probate court. A judge will appoint an executor to handle t...

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What Is Estate Administration

Estate Planning Lawyer in Palatine, IL

You may have watched a scene depicted on a television show or in a movie that takes place after a funeral. People all gather at a reception in someone’s home, and the executor of t...

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The Effectiveness of a Prenuptial Agreement 

Estate Planning Lawyer in Rolling Meadows, IL

The planning done before marriage is often as important as planning after marriage in assuring that a client’s estate planning wishes are carried out.  Laws governing prenup...

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How to Avoid an Estate Planning Scam

Estate Planning Lawyer Palatine, IL

Every time you turn on the news, it seems like there is a new scam making headlines.By now, we’re all familiar with Bernie Madoff and his infamous Ponzi scheme. Many people have a...

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Picking up the Pieces After Divorce

Estate Law Lawyer Rolling Meadows, IL

Consider all the planning a couple may do during the course of their lives: purchasing a home, building a business, starting a family – the list is endless. However, no one plans for a break-up. So what happens when ther...

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