Business Law Lawyer Rolling Meadows, IL    Business Law Lawyer Rolling Meadows, IL

A trusted business law lawyer in Rolling Meadows, IL understands that one of the secrets to running a business is knowing how to properly make contracts. It may seem like working with an attorney to make a contract or agreement is overkill. After all, if you get an agreement in writing and it is signed, won’t it automatically be enforceable? The truth is, that is not always going to be the case. There are many ways that a person can get out of a contract, so when you are signing a contract or agreement with another party, you want to make sure you do it the right way first. Having an attorney can help you with this. 

Steps To Making Your Contract Enforceable

When you create a contract, a Rolling Meadows, Illinois business law lawyer can help walk you through the necessary steps that will make your contract legal and enforceable. 

  • Exclude the fluff. A contract does not need to be elaborate or fancy to be enforceable. In fact, you should get to the point and keep it simple. This allows both parties to understand the terms of the contract with little room for someone to say they interpreted it differently. 
  • Write your contract down. Oral agreements are not always legally binding. In situations where they are, an oral agreement can still leave a lot of wiggle room. If you want to avoid risk, write your contract down and clearly state what you want both parties to get out of it. 
  • Know who you are working with. This may seem obvious, but when you are identifying all parties involved in a contract, make sure that you have their full company name, including whether it is a corporation or an LLC. 
  • Write down all the details. It is easy enough to assume that the details will be covered in person or that they will be obvious. Never assume this. If you are paying for a service or for goods, you want to write down everything you are expecting to get for your money. 
  • Determine when a party will be paid. Whether it is you or the other party, the contract should clearly state how and when a party will get paid. It may be in installments, on specific dates, after certain work is completed, or in a lump sum. 

Contracts don’t have to be difficult when you work with Bott & Associates, Ltd. If you would like to work with our business law lawyer in Rolling Meadows, Illinois to learn more about creating contracts or fighting against a breach of contract, give us a call now.