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The Wisdom of Gaur Gopal Das

The Wisdom of Gaur Gopal Das

December 6, 2018

I watched a great video the other day. It was a gentleman named Gaur Gopal Das. He is an Electrical Engineer turned Life Coach. His message has been sitting in my brain for the last week or so. I was trying hard to “share” this video, but I was unable to do so. Therefore, this is my attempt to convey the message that so deeply resonated with me.

He spoke about different things in our lives:

  • Whether you are driving a Volkswagen, or driving a Bentley, the road remains the same, doesn’t it?
  • Whether you wear a Timex or a Rolex, the time remains the same, doesn’t it?
  • Whether you speak on a Samsung, or an IPhone X, whoever you are calling remains the same, isn’t it?
  • Whether you are flying economy, or flying in business, the destination you are heading remains the same, isn’t it?

He said, “we work ourselves up to increase our standard of living, that we forget to increase the standard of our life.”

This is the message that keeps going over and over in my mind. I am always thinking about how to best improve my family’s life. What I realize is that this usually entails some sort of “increased standard of living.” I think about wanting to get our kitchen remodeled, or getting a nicer car, or going on a certain type of vacation. All of these thoughts are usually provoked by watching too much HGTV or scrolling on the facebook feed. We are bombarded with messages of the life we ought to have. I’ve daydreamed a lot about what that life would look like.

But Gaur Gopal Das’ message has made me step back each time those thoughts creep up. The truth is, I have a life that many people would dream of. I live in a nice house, in a great neighborhood, have a loving husband, 3 wonderful kids, healthy and unconditional love giving parents. Further, I am in a profession that I love and work with a fun a productive team of ladies. Just writing all of those things make me ashamed to ask or want for more.

The lesson learned is to focus on increasing my standard of life, on a daily basis. This includes the nurturing of relationships that I already have, and creating relationships with new friends and colleagues. This includes sharing more experiences with my husband, my kids, my friends and my family. This includes making more of an impact on the people I love, and all of the clients I serve. This includes me watching less HGTV, and reducing the time scrolling on facebook. This includes the finding of ways to be of service to even more people and more organizations.

By doing this, I know my life will be even richer and more fulfilling than I could ever imagine it to be. I will remember that the destination is the same for all of us. It’s just a matter of how much we experience the journey.

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