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Trust Lawyer Arlington Heights, IL


At Bott & Associates, Ltd. we have the experience of protecting our clients’ wealth for over 20 years.  If your family has been through some difficult times when a loved one passes, we have worked with so many different situations that we are able to recognize and handle pretty much all of your complex issues.  Because we do handle probate and trust administration, we are also able to have the experience to better plan for your family’s future. We try our best to identify important scenarios and potential pitfalls that your family may endure after you are gone.  Then we continue to tweak your estate plan until it matches exactly how you envision your estate to be passed on. We have an ongoing relationship with all of our clients, and therefore they receive a reminder every three years to review their plan. We would meet to make changes as your life continues to unfold.  The experience we have at Bott & Associates, Ltd. is extensive, and that is why we are able to communicate effectively with our clients, and handle the problems they face, with knowledge and compassion.

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