Illinois Man Dies Of West Nile Virus

The unexpected happens all too often, it can sneak up on you and your family and sometimes it is not for the better. Earlier this year a man died of the West Nile Virus; he is the first person in Illinois to die from it this year. His name was not released to the news, but I suspect that he was living a normal life and did not expect to die this year. He was in his late 70’s and an Illinois resident and confirmed by medical professionals to have died from contracting the West Nile Virus. The virus is suspected to have been contracted from a mosquito. People are urged to avoid contact with mosquitos by using bug spray and getting rid of standing water around their house that attracts mosquitoes. It is hard to imagine someone could die so suddenly from an insect so small, but it could happen to anyone. It was not reported whether the deceased had an estate plan or will in place before his death, but it would have been wise for him to do so because so much of life is out of our control and unpredictable and it is always recommended to prepare for the future. 

Estate Planning and Probate

Almost no one likes to think about their own death and planning an estate brings those thoughts to the forefront, which is why many people like to avoid it. It is not wise to avoid planning your will and estate because life can have unexpected events, and unfortunately some of those events are accidents that can seriously injure or even kill a person who no one would have expected to die any time soon. Working with a probate lawyer Palatine, IL residents trust with planning for their future can be very beneficial for ensuring that your family is taken care of when you’re no longer around to do so. Your lawyer can also assist with setting up your will properly so that it can avoid probate or at least make it a smooth process. 

Probate is the process of “proving” a person’s will or estate plan to the court. The court will seek to make sure that the will is legal and the actual last will and testament of the deceased. It can lead to your family losing money that you had intended for them if the process does not go well because your will wasn’t set up according to the legal guidelines. A reliable probate lawyer from Bott & Associates, Ltd. can assist you with setting your estate plan up so that it will be less of a headache for your loved ones and provide them with as much of your assets as possible.

Call a Lawyer Today

If you’ve been putting off planning your estate or setting up a will that is legal and clear, don’t wait any longer. We hope that you live a very long and full life, but as we saw with the man who contracted West Nile Virus, life can throw very unexpected circumstances at us. Call us today!