Estate Law Lawyer Chicago, IL

Estate Law Lawyer Chicago, ILTo the average person, it does not seem like an urgent necessity to go see an estate law lawyer in Chicago, Illinois. Unfortunately, many people dismiss the need for an estate plan. However, if you have any amount of assets that you want to secure or have certain plans for, estate planning should be on your mind. IF you have family members or loved ones that you want to distribute your assets to after your death, creating an estate plan can make the process go much more smoothly and with less hassle. Contact a lawyer like oen from Bott & Associates, Ltd. for more information about estate planning benefits. 

Estate Law Lawyer in Chicago, IL

The things that go into estate planning can send you in a panic, but with assistance from an experienced lawyer like one from Bott & Associates, Ltd. you don’t have to worry. Their decades of experience handling estate planning cases has established them as a reliable team to depend on. Clients can receive all the information and advice they need to take care of their estate planning matters. To see how you can receive legal help, contact one of our esteemed lawyers by scheduling an appointment now. 

What You Should Know About Estate Planning

Estate planning is highly complex, but you need to be aware of the basics. Your family will be affected once it’s time to pass your assets down. You can begin with the basics such as a list of your assets and debts, who your beneficiaries or heirs will be, the amount of taxes that need to be paid, and whether your estate needs to go through probate. 

You also need to determine the contents of your will and other important legal documents such as advanced directives. If you do not set plans in place clearly explaining how your assets will be distributed and to whom, it will only make it harder for the state and your loved ones to complete the process, especially if probate is necessary. With so many elements to estate planning, it can be hard to determine what the best setup for you looks like. A lawyer can help structure your estate plan so that it reflects your needs and preferences. 

Things to Consider For Your Estate Plan

Before you start, consider several things before your state plan. As an estate law lawyer in Chicago, IL can elaborate on, some things you may want to think about as you form your estate plan include:

  • What healthcare decisions you want to be made on your behalf
  • Family members you want to share your estate plan with 
  • Your family’s financial needs
  • Whether you want to set up a trust 
  • The amount of taxes you must pay
  • Charities or organizations you want to donate to

Request a Consultation to Receive Legal Assistance 

All of the things that make up an estate plan can leave you feeling disoriented and unsure of how to begin creating your plan. Hiring a skilled and experienced estate planning lawyer can reduce the weight off of your shoulders and help you figure out your goals for your estate and how you want to accomplish them. For more information, contact an estate law lawyer in the Chicago, Illinois area.