There are cases where financial concerns are just a portion of the legal troubles or issues an individual is facing. In those cases, it is especially important to seek the guidance of a Chicago bankruptcy lawyer who can examine your situation and determine how different legal proceedings will affect one another. Depending on the circumstances, being involved in another legal proceeding may have a significant effect on your bankruptcy petition and the process that should be taken according to our friends at Therman Law Offices, LTD.

Legal Cases Besides Bankruptcy

The following types of cases are common ones that a person who files for bankruptcy may be involved in while also filing a bankruptcy petition. It is critical that they let their bankruptcy lawyer know of these other issues.

Family law issues – If you are involved in a divorce or custody proceeding, you should let your bankruptcy lawyer know the details of these issues. You should also be aware that there are certain debts related to these types of cases that cannot be included in their bankruptcy petition. Child support, alimony payments, and any other obligations that are ordered as part of a divorce or separation agreement are all considered non-dischargeable. Your bankruptcy lawyer will be able to determine if this will have an impact on your bankruptcy.

Employment law issues – If you have filed any type of legal claim against your employer, it must be listed on their bankruptcy petition before they file. Otherwise, you could be prevented from litigating your claim once the bankruptcy case is closed or may be forced to turn over the claim to the bankruptcy trustee, who may settle the case for less than it is worth.

Lawsuits involving contractors or lenders – If you have an affirmative claim against a mortgage holder or contractor, you must list the claim within your bankruptcy petition. Otherwise, you may be prevented from bringing the claim after the bankruptcy petition is filed, much like with an employment claim as described above.

There are many other cases where a pending or soon-to-be filed bankruptcy petition may have an impact on the filer’s other case. These scenarios are more common and present ordinary issues that bankruptcy attorneys are prepared to address. Issues such as these are important reminders that while the bankruptcy process may seem straightforward, in many cases, it is not. It takes an experienced professional to ensure the bankruptcy process runs smoothly and effectively in order to get a positive result for the petitioner.

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Of course, being involved in another legal proceeding is not the only reason that hiring a bankruptcy attorney to handle your case is beneficial. If you are facing financial difficulties and dealing with debt collectors, bankruptcy may be the best option for your situation. To learn more, call an experienced bankruptcy lawyer today.